About Us

Mercuso was established in 2019. Our team, which started to work on charging technologies for electric cars, has been conducting R&D studies on wireless charging technology since 2018. In 2019, our team developed a device that enables wireless charging of electric cars. It also has a system that can charge electric scooters and bicycles.

Our vision is solving charging problem of the electric and hybrid vehicles. Device that provides wireless charging of electric and hybrid vehicle while car is stopping on it was developed. It provides energy transfer with high power and efficiency. It solves charging problem of electric vehicles. The charging problem of the electric vehicles is barrier widespread of them. When these devices were developed electric vehicles can grow up. People can charge their electric and hybrid vehicles themselves. This device will be developed and provided wireless charging while cars are moving on roads. Thanks to this device vehicles can charge each other. Future mobility technologies of automotive companies will be supported by the device.

Thanks to this project widespread of the electric and hybrid vehicles will be contributed. Air pollution will decrease. Charging stations will increase and get higher numbers. Oil addiction will decrease and evanesce.

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