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“Why are governments pushing towards Mobility Electrification?

What are the biggest roadblocks for EV Adoption?”

Those were the first questions that a team of Engineers at Istanbul’s Technical University asked themselves during one of their regular Racing Club meetings.

After a few years of development, a lot of passion, and MERCUSO TECHNOLOGY were born. Today, we’re offering the mobility world the most flexible and convenient charging solution: an EV WIRELESS CHARGING SYSTEM where your EV starts charging automatically every time you park over the system — no dirty cords to untangle and no chance of forgetting to charge!


Our Mission

We’ve all had enough of looking for an available charging station and plugging in wires. Quite inconvenient, right?

Well, engineers at Mercuso are proving that EV users should not have to compromise their convenience while reducing their CO2 footprint and aspiring to live on a cleaner planet.

Here we are, shaping the future of E-Mobility through a ready-to-scale product that will match the rapid growth of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and offering the best out of electrification: Convenience & Flexibility!

Our Journey

Compatible with ALL makes and models of battery systems

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