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MERCUSO Technology lays the foundation to meet the need for Smarter, Reliable, & Emission-free Mobility through scalable autonomous charging solutions.

We are offering you the best out of E-Mobility: a WIRELESS, COMPACT, CONNECTED & FLEXIBLE way to charge your EV!
The MERCUSO EV Charging System efficiently charges your EV using inductive power transfer technology. The system includes two components: the Receiver mounted on the vehicle, the Transmitter installed on the parking space and connected to the electricity grid.

High Value & Quality

The MERCUSO EV Charging System is the best value home & public charger on the market. It delivers an exceptional efficiency & quality expected from the wireless charging experience in a cost-effective solution.

Safety & Protection

Safety is a core value MERCUSO. The wireless charger has been evaluated and tested to the highest safety standards by third-party safety certification organizations.


All-in-one solution for all your battery systems ranging from an E-scooter, E-bike, E-golf cart to an E-vehicle.

Product Highlights

  • Convenience

    Wireless charging up to a distance of 35cm

  • High power & efficiency

    Achieving >90% with an XYZ mobility option of the transmitter pad

  • Fast charging

    Average charging duration is 1.5 hours

MERCUSO Wireless Charger provides a tailored, intelligent, and networked charging solution for any business, home, or location.

@ Home

From private homes to multi-tenant homes and residential communities.

@ Work

From small offices to large offices, business parks, and complexes.

@ Commercial Location

From hotels to sports institutions and shopping centers

@ Parking

On the street or in a car park

Explore Technical Features of the MERCUSO Wireless Charger